G-CODE Translator

G-CODE Translator

Our software application easily translates G-CODE scripts to ready-to-use robot programs. The translation can be done towards all the most common robot languages.

This tool transfers the output of CAM programs from your PC to the robot controller in few simple steps, consistently reducing programming time. It does not require any specific programming skills: the generated code can be uploaded on the robot with no modifications.

Traditional Approach

CAM software use models and assemblies made with CADs to generate the paths that machine tools will apply to realize prototypes, semi-finished and finished parts. The output of such software, namely the G-CODE script, is taken as input by CNC machine tools, which natively have the functionality to interpret and execute them.

Unlike CNC machines, serial robots do not have the capability to natively interpret a G-CODE program. They also do not have a standard language, but rather proprietary (manufacturer-dependent) languages that differ from each other.

Our Approach

It is a simple and inexpensive tool for extending the use of industrial robots to application fields in which they are currently underutilized, such as machining or additive manufacturing. In addition, G-CODE translation can be performed to all common robot languages (e.g., KUKA KRL, ABB RAPID, etc.). That feature further extends the application possibilities.
Translation process is fully automated: no high knowledge of robotic programming is required to define efficient processing paths.
Moreover, speed and efficiency of the translator are linked with the added benefit of eliminating downtime dedicated to traditional programming, resulting in reduced lead time.

The application provides a simple and intuitive interface: in just a few clicks, it allows the user to upload a G-CODE file, select the language to which the translation has to be made, and export the final file.