We deeply investigated the field of industrial robotics both during our academic studies and our work activities. We master robot programming, reaching solid and efficient results ensured by our engineering approach.

Moreover, thanks to the European Projects we took part, we gained a lot of experience in developing innovative software solutions for the latest challenges in the industrial panorama. 

Robot Programming

Efficient and robust robot programming with an engineering approach 

We provide our expertise in industrial robot programming to ensure effective process automation and maximum operational flexibility.

Our team defines a conceptual development by evaluating the operational context and implement quick and customized project proposals.

Support to the customer at all stages of the project will be provide, together with on-site and off-site after-sales technical support.

Joining different European projects, we gained the experience to start customized R&D projects in the context of Industry 4.0

We deploy our advanced technical know-how to meet your needs, following an out-of-the-box approach based on continuous research.

Our investments in research and innovation allow us to develop and implement tailored, innovative and strategic solutions, supporting customers during the different stages of the development.

Particular emphasis on code quality and performances is addressed while developing our applications. Accurate testing and debugging activities will be performed, in order to consider any possible corrective actions before the product is released.

Custom R&D

Process Optimization

Software solutions for advanced interconnected and modular manufacturing systems that introduce flexibility and performance

We propose software solutions which aim to optimize processes with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.

The modeling process involves the following stages:

    • model fitting to the considered scenario;
    • follow-up phase of model testing;
    • validation based on the parameters of the real system.

Robot simulation and offline programming allow to program robots from your desk, so production doesn’t have to be stopped.

We exploit advanced knowledge in robot and PLC programming to develop solid virtual prototypes to validate and optimize manufacturing process.

Robot simulation software permits the digital model to be easily managed and virtually tested, apporting modifications to cell layout, robot paths, sequential dependencies. They also make easier to realize and handle complex robot paths, such as for machining or additive manufacturing applications.

Our consultation includes:

    • Creation of a detailed virtual prototype of the robotic cell
    • Advanced robot code generation
    • Complex robot features simulation, with a vendor-independent approach

OLP and Advanced Robot Simulation

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