Closed-loop digital pipeline for a flexible and modular manufacturing of large components.


Manufacturing and repairing of large-scale parts, usually one-of-a-kind components, is a complex and challenging process that requires implementation of an integrated methodology capable of ensuring the manufacturability, quality and high-precision of the large-parts from the engineering stages (i.e., simulation/modelling and production planning). PeneloPe is a massive project that involves 31 partners across the European Union, involving RTOs, high-tech companies, industrial integrators and end-users, encompassing a great number of previous R&D initiatives and digital innovation hubs.


Europe is leading the manufacturing of large-scale components with worldwide and top-class manufacturing companies. Manufacturing of large parts is the foundation for the competitiveness of several value chains, strategic for the overall European economy, namely energy, shipbuilding, offshore, aeronautics and construction. European large part manufacturing is able to achieve superior quality and precision, while the integrated design and process development allows the fast deployment of products highly customized for unique customer needs. Unfortunately, the ever-increasing quality and accuracy requirements, together with overall product complexity and regulation compliance, is reaching the limit of the EU excellence in the large-scale part manufacturing.


The major goal of the PeneloPe project is to develop a novel closed-loop digital pipeline based on the development of a modular and reconfigurable production approach for the manufacturing of large parts, in order to increase the level of automation and accuracy and reducing the manufacturing time and defects. The PeneloPe solutions will be implemented and demonstrated in industrial pilot lines operating in different sectors under real manufacturing conditions, such as Oil&Gas, Shipbuilding, Aeronautics and Bus&Coach.