Advanced Robot Language

K-ARL is an application that aims to make the robot control and programming much easier, time-saving and powerful. It is a framework consisting in two main modules. The first is a high-level program, working as a coordinator, that runs on a standard PC. It can program and control several robots in parallel and monitors the entire manufacturing process, considering sequencing constraints and ensuring commands execution. It is written in Python language following an object-oriented approach. The second KARL module is a program running on each robot controller, standardized according to the specific robot manufacturer. Its function is to identify and then execute the instructions received from the coordinator.

Improvements that such an application brings are relevant:

  • The K-ARL coordinator enables to modify the manufacturing process of an entire robotic cell from a single PC and without interrupting its current operations. In fact, once a new set of commands is determined, it can be transferred to the controller of one or more robots and then saved in a buffer before being executed.
  • The use of a manufacturer independent Python interface extends the code editing also to non-expert users, making unnecessary to have specialized workers for each robot brand.
  • The coordinator module also favors the implementation of complex controls by making available advanced programming concepts